Tip Track Marathon

There is a track that almost every Wellington trail runner knows jokes about and dreads. It’s called the Tip Track. It goes up for about 3.5 kilometers on an unrelenting gradient from Owhiro Bay up to the Hawkins Hill Radar Dome. The area is part of Te Kopahou reserve. The Tip Track gets its name from Wellington’s southern landfill site as the track passes the area. Regardless of where the wind is blowing, there is no escaping the stench of the ‘Tip’. So why on earth would anyone want to traverse this track up and down six times? We are about to find out from the founder of the Tip Track Marathon, local trail running connoisseur Brad Coleman.

New road route: Escaping the wind

Chan lets you in on his secret route reserved for those windy Wellington days. This may be a much needed addition to your running repertoire as it enables you to get a somewhat sheltered workout without having to muddy your feet and hide in the bush. Go run it and enjoy the Wellington suburb experience at its best. Several en route coffee stop options guarantee that you will have the right amount of fun with (almost) no wind, of course.