Run Wellington Coaching

Whatever your age and level of ability, and no matter how often or how far you run, as a runner you are always making decisions. You need to decide whether to sign up for races, what times to aim for, how to train, when to rest, what shoes to buy, whether to push on with today’s run even if you are feeling exhausted, and so on and on. In making these decisions, it is always helpful to have an experienced runner to talk to – and that’s what our coaching provide. We offer a range of coaching options to meet your specific individual needs right here in Wellington.

Our coaching programmes are delivered in partnership with James Kuegler coaching.  You can simply email us via chan @ or complete this form via JK coaching web site and we will be in touch to discuss next steps.

For Wellington based runners we offer one on one training sessions as well as group based sessions. Please get in touch via the contact us page or email (as above).

Train for the WUU2K

To get you ready for the WUU2K we are offering coaching for everyone who is registered for the WUU2K. Check out this special offer for training for the WUU2K.

Chandima Kulathilake (Chan)Run Wellington – Coach

Chan has over a decade built up his knowledge in running with a no nonsense approach to improving running performance by focusing over short, medium and long term goals. By applying his years of practical knowledge in running and building gradually, Chan’s primary motivation is helping runners to reach their goals in a supporting and fun group environment.

“My approach to coaching is based on doing the small fundamental things repeatedly, consistently and adding some variety whilst focusing on gradual build-up and event-specific workouts. In practice I put a lot of emphasis on good communication and feedback. My belief is that as a coach you need to listen and adapt to your athlete as opposed to the other way around. The coaching guidance I give each individual is based on learning and observing what works best for each of them.”

Repetitio est mater studiorum” – Repetition is the mother of learning – running is a skill and you learn the skill by many repetitions. Repetition of speed built power, Repetition of miles built endurance.

Chan is based in Wellington, New Zealand and coaches a variety of runners who are competitive and aiming for a podium finish to runners who are aiming to complete their first events ranging from middle distance to longer endurance events such as marathons and ultra-marathons.