Ready for the WUU2K?

If you are a Wellington runner who is not afraid of long distances and some climbing, you are bound to be excited about taking part in the Wellington Urban Ultra 2K – we know we are. That is why we joined with James Kuegler coaching, to offer a coaching package to prepare you for event.

What is the WUU2k?

The Wellington Urban Ultra 2K – WUU2K by its nickname – is an endurance trail running event created by Wellington runner Gareth. The peculiarity of the event is that despite being an ultra trail, it is dubbed urban. This is possible precisely because of the exceptional and accessible trail network we have in Wellington. Gareth promises that “no matter where you are on the circuit, you’re never too far from a pub or a cafe!” Now, you can decide for yourself whether this makes competing an ultra distance easier or harder.

WUU2K comprises a 42k trail marathon and a 60k ultra marathon through many of the favorite trails and iconic peaks located in the vicinity of Wellington CBD. If you are a Wellington trail runner (or from anywhere for that matter), this is your chance to connect the dots.  For those not fortunate enough to live in the capital, this is a great opportunity to get to know what the capital city has to offer in getting ‘off-road’ (and, possibly, get jealous).

How can you train for it?

The organizers put much emphasis on the fact that the WUU2K is a tough event, and rightly so. The course is promising to be more than challenging with more than 2500m accumulated elevation gain for the ultra distance. If this wasn’t enough, Wellington winter can only make things even more difficult. Not that we do not wish a lovely sunny winter day for the event, but it is hard to know what is going to come on race day. The bottom line is, the WUU2K is a challenge to be taken seriously but quite achievable with a bit of preparation.

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