Endurance Training

Are you training for an upcoming running event?

Whether you are a seasoned runner aiming for a personal best or a novice runner just starting out to complete your first running event we will provide you with expert training guidance on how to take the guesswork out of your training.

With our comprehensive training programs we cover.

  • Fundamentals of running
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Injury management and prevention
  • Nutrition and hydration for training and racing
  • Following a training plan to achieve your goals

Our Team

Andrew Thompson


2018 NZ Trail Running Champion and NZ Representative, Andrew Thompson’s success in trail running only just equals his passion for it. Being a student of the sport and working with a training group over the last four years, Andrew has taken his drive for learning how to become the best runner he can be and translated that knowledge towards coaching others in their pursuits. When he’s not aiming for races or training others, he switches towards many interesting adventures, including many big days in the Tararua ranges.

Contact Andrew via https://runthehills.nz/

James Kuegler


James Kuegler truly lives and breathes fitness.

Every day, whether it be for his own personal running, multisport or endurance efforts or training someone else, it’s all about movement, usually fairly rapid movement at that. This personal obsession makes him a pretty good running coach.

Contact James via https://www.jameskuegler.com/


Training Plans for

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