WUU2K Free Training Plan

Get ready for the WUU2K with James Kuegler & Run Wellington

Train for the WUU2K

Train for the WUU2K with James Kuegler & Run Wellington

This Free Training Programme is designed for participants taking on the WUU2K 42km Trail Marathon or the 60km Ultra Marathon. The free program is delivered in 3 blocks (4 weeks per block). Each block will be published on this page at the start of each block (see dates below). The program starts on 22nd April 2019.

Download the first block (22nd April to 19th May) now available from below.

Download the second block (20th May to 16th June) now available.

Download the third and final block (17th June to 13th July) now available.

Block/Duration Focus Comments
Block 1 – 22nd April to 19th May (PDF) Build up endurance and strength Your running should focus on getting some easy mileage and being on your feet.
Block 2 – 20th May to 16th June Longer duration and continue to work on endurance Build up your long run and strength, focus on fuel for your long runs, try out what works for you
Block 3 – 17th June to 13th July Event-specific and get ready and taper You should be confident by now to run for 3+ hrs on your long runs, fine-tune your hydration/fuel and get ready for the event

Guidelines for the Free training program

  • Aerobic Run – A conversational intensity that you could maintain for up to two hours. At this intensity, you should be able to talk to your training partners while running. Most of your running for building endurance is done at this intensity.
  • Cross Training Yoga, Pilates, Gym Work, or something that you enjoy doing. The goal of this session is to gradually improve your muscle strength, increase the mobility of your joints, and increase the flexibility of your muscles.
  • 3 x 3mins pickups with 2min easy – This type of running is introduced to the program so that you try various paces – Pickups are done as follows. You start your run at an aerobic pace and start increasing your pace and aim to build up to a speed you can maintain for 1,2 and 3mins then you slow down and run for two minutes at aerobic (slow) pace and once two minutes of easy running is up, start to speed up again and repeat the pattern until the number of ‘pick up’ repetitions are complete. You can do these on any terrain – the focus is to have a good rhythm and be in control of your pickups. Runners who are experienced can add up to 6 x pickups after the initial 4-week block or once you are confident that you can maintain the same effort across all repetitions. Alternate the pickups with a 5km park run on occasion.
  • Hilly Trail Run – as the name suggests the objective is to run on terrain like what you’ll be tackling in the event. If you are not able to run up steep hills then learn to power walk/hike up hills, downhills in the early stages of your training should be tackled easy. Don’t ‘bomb’ down since this will fatigue your muscles and have a higher chance of injury. Quick feet and nimble forefoot landing for downhills are recommended.
  • Day Off – You are more than welcome to add more training into the programme. We suggest that this should only be done if the fatigue from the previous session has subsided.
  • Focus on completing the allocated time – don’t think about distance – on certain days add an extra few minutes if feeling good.
  • If you haven’t done a Marathon/Ultra distance before and have not followed a structured program – the first 4 weeks are vital in terms of taking it ‘easy’ and listening to the cues of your body.

Personalised Coaching

We also offer personalised performance oriented coaching packages for athletes who want a goal specific program. Check out the paid coaching offer from James Kuegler and Run Wellington.


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